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1st Call: Told me they are from Astro asked me to support their live show. 2nd Call: Told me that I won some prizes. Declined and …

+60 11-6220 6058

This person is a scammer because he keep threatening me to give him money.I already try to blocked him but still he keep threatening he will …


Susan Neo Bee Leng always makes false complaints to the HR about her colleagues because she cannot match up to her colleagues. Have you encountered her …


I don’t know who called he was looking for someone but didn’t say who he was looking for

087 2406471

The person from the warehouse of SHEIN. she said we must pay the money so that we could get our clothes we odered online. But I …


These people call and say someone tried making a simswop on your cell number. They are from MTN, they will send an OTP. You must give …


Introduced himself as a youtuber vlogger who gives free 50,000 pesos thru g-cash. He’ll get your g-cash pin and change your MPIN.


keep calling non stop , when u answer the call they will hang out & call again after few hours