A person that call himself Jaco Venter from Vodacom called and said you win cash, vouchers and a car. But you have to make a R1000 …


Tries to get personal information, by asking social security number. And not providing why they need info. Total Scam!!!


I usually get approximately 6 or 7 calls from this number daily. I have blocked the number but then I get calls from 0217537135/0217537133/0217537130/0217537128/0217537269/0217537270/0217537264/0217537074/0217537067/0217537077/0217537032/0217537028/0217537024/0217537039/0217535481/

313 489-3287

This person is calling themselves Monica from Dcfc. I don’t even know who they are and also I don’t know how they got my phone number, …