Dinesh as showed in true caller from Delhi.
I was cheated my this number with a loss of one lakh rupees.
I got a call from this number stating that it’s a cargo service at Delhi.
I would like to complaint against this number.
This number is connected with 3 cheaters,abay Mohammed from Glasgow Scotland UK proposed me through muslim matrimoney and had forwarded me the details of international safe cargo service,the phone I received was from Delhi stating that ma’am your parcel has arrived to Delhi airport,as it’s a international parcel I should pay delivery charges from Delhi to Bangalore and forwarded 3 account numbers to transfer 22000 rupees now so that we can deliver your parcel by today 6 pm .
Once paid the amount,I got a call again ma’am your parcel was scanned,and we found 40000$, which I a huge amout in india,the sender wouldn’t have send you through parcel it’s only though banking so you should pay a penalty of rupees 78000.

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If you have received a suspicious call or text, or if you have returned the call or text and you realize it is a scam, you can Report a Phone Call

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