I was scammed NGN9,500

One alleged Mr. Kingston contacted me on whatsapp(whatsappp number +1 (430) 201-0779) and asked me to be friends with him ..he said he’s currently in USA and works as a software engineer at strong memorial airport Florida .
He promised to send me a MacBook Pro, and iPhone 11 pro and some money since I couldn’t connect with him with my Android device

The items were sent on Tuesday and he said it will arrive Nigeria at about 9-10 hours time as predicted by the flight officer..it was an Emirates airline as DHL have closed services for the day according to him

At about 10:00am on Wednesday morning I received a message that my parcel has been cleared for pick up at Abuja airport or request for a home delivery… I couldn’t go to Abuja because of transportation expenses so I ordered for home delivery which will take a service fee of NGN9,500…. I paid for it.
The customer agent later contacted me on whatsapp that it’s not NGN9,500 but NGN29,500. I asked if payment on delivery is allowed so that I can pay up the difference once it arrives here since the package contains some money but the customer service agent said NO. I tried contacting Kingston but he could hardly respond even the customer agent so I went online to contact Emirates online customer service to seek assistance and after explanation and evidence, I was told the company was not affiliated with Emirates airline services….. I was told that everything was a scam that I should report to the nearest police station.

I really need help to track down these scammers and get back my money.

Have you been a victim of scams? It is important to share your stories so that others are aware of these scams.If you have received any suspicious call or text, or if you have returned the call or text and you realize it is a scam, you can Report a Scam

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