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Lampi Helistab mulle

Saatis koodi x koodi kui ma mängin videomängu nimega people playground siis ütlesin oma sõpradele ka aga nad ütlesid et ma võtaks toidu vastu aga ei …


Pretend as LHDN person Tell that some agency has using our name holder that don’t pay some big amount salary and should be blacklist

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He called me around 5am and the thing is I’m from asean country so what the hell he wants. Because i don’t any families members or …


Dear Sir, This is to inform you that, their is one lady or Jen’s who is using this number and they are saying that they are …


Number 0792408954 is scamming people pretending to be selling Electricty Tokens, don’t fall for that, Lots of people have been scammed