Banking Scams Archive

Money scam

Claim they phone from ABSA fraud about a transaction and the to reverse it do a cash send transaction.

banking scam to me

+60 16-323 3762 sms to me said that i will bankrap in Malaysia… in Malaysia,,,all Banks never use mobile number call or sms to customers, they …


It was a call related to my bank update details on the 11th of November 2021 and all my 20000 for school savings was lost

Bank card usage scam

Caller Number 060107390722 A recorded message says “an amount of 4633.00 has been charged to your ____ bank card. If you wish to confirm the transaction …

Bigpay scammer

They call me asked my OTP bigpay number. It happened on saturday 16/10/21 at 6pm . I didnt lost my money just want give awarnesss to …